Personal Injury Claims: What Is A Correct Claim?

Thankfully, due to advancements in car technology, increased awareness of road safety, greater driver alertness and more laws passed regarding the safe operation of vehicles, the number of car accidents that occur in the UK each year is falling, according to statistics from the Department for Transport. However, if you are hurt in a road traffic accident, those numbers will provide little solace. Instead, you need to seek advice from a specialist claims management company to help you gain a fair and just level of compensation for your misfortune.

As there is a degree of confusion surrounding the issue of claims and compensation, this article aims to provide some clarification by listing some of the common and perhaps less commonly known claims that can be made against a driver who has caused an accident.

The first type of claim you can make is for any injuries that you have suffered. This can include injuries that you fully recover from as well as those from which you may not. With all personal injury claims, it is best to seek medical advice as to its severity and ensure that you have all documentation to hand when you make your claim. Photographs of any injuries will also help to validate a claim.

In addition to personal injury, you can also make a claim for any property that is damaged as a result of the accident. Perhaps your clothes were torn or spoiled after the incident? Or maybe your watch or jewellery was broken, or your mobile phone smashed, or your satellite navigation system damaged. Compensation can be claimed for any personal effects that were in the car and were affected by the accident.

Furthermore, if you are forced to take time off work to recover from the accident and suffer a loss of income because of this, then you can also claim for this loss of earnings.

You must ensure you have documentary evidence to back any potential claim for car accident compensation; for example, doctors notes regarding your injury, confirmation of the amount of time off work you took from your employer, receipts for damaged personal effects or photographs of damaged items.

A personal injury claim means more than just receiving compensation for bruises and cuts that you have suffered, other items can also be claimed for, bringing you the final settlement you deserve.

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Car Accident Compensation: A Guide

The insurance industry has long been aware that the end of British Summer Time results in more road traffic accidents and a greater number of insurance payouts. Another problem is that there will inevitably be more injuries to motorists and more car accident compensation claims.

The simple act of putting our clocks back during the autumn results in an extra hour of darkness during the early evening. This is a time when school children are heading home, parents are doing the school run and workers are commuting home from work.

In 2010, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and the RAC suggested that synchronising with European time for the winter would result in 80 fewer deaths on the road and 200 fewer serious injuries. These two agencies have joined together with driving charities, insurance companies, environmentalists and tourism firms to form the Lighter Later coalition.

The coalition has lobbied the government for a change to winter daylight hours which would instead result in darker mornings and lighter evenings. A decline in the rate of road accidents can only be a good thing and the fact it would result in fewer car accident claims would also be pivotal in keeping insurance costs down. It appears to be a win-win situation.

Environmentalists are also arguing that having lighter evenings in the winter will cut down on the amount of energy used to power street lighting during the evening rush hour. The tourism industry also believes that it will enable them to keep trading well into the evening as more holidaymakers venture out during the daylight.

This has, however, been tried before. In the 1970s, Britain left British Summer Time in place for two years running and unfortunately, the results were not good. People found it difficult to adjust to the winter and preferred to have the extra hour once summer came along again. As such, the idea was abandoned.

While the sentiment is certainly good, the practicalities may not be ideal. But it is an idea which motorists may be inclined to agree with, and in all likelihood, it may cut down on the number of personal injury claims as a result of road traffic accidents.

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Car Accident Claims: Don’t Drive Unprotected

Motorists are constantly bombarded with information about the dangers of driving. Whether on roadside billboards, radio or television, advertisements warn us of the ever present risk associated with this mode of transportation.

These warnings are not without justification. A report by the World Health Organization (WHO) on road safety found that over 1.3 million people die on the World’s roads every year. Tens of millions suffer injuries or are left disabled each year by such incidents. This disturbing trend is projected to rise and WHO predicts that, by 2030, the number of people killed in road accidents will be the fifth leading cases of death across the globe. 

Problems with road safety are acutely felt in bustling cities where traffic regulations are routinely thrown out of the proverbial car window. Driving can often lead to a myriad of unexpected events, but by having a comprehensive policy on car accident claims you can have peace of mind should an incident occur.

Road traffic accidents are one of the most common types of personal injury leading to car accident compensation across the World. The causal reasons for this can be diverse, from car collisions to a vehicle hitting a pedestrian or a stationary object. Remarkably, a report published by the Department for Transport last year revealed that 95 per cent of car crashes do not involve drivers exceeding the speed limit.

Indeed, 83 per cent of deaths on British roads occur within the confines of the speed limit. Fortunately for drivers, anyone involved in a road accident is entitled to compensation if the car is insured against any kind of incident. If reckless driving from the opposite motorist can be proven, you could additionally be entitled to monetary compensation.

Moreover, this form of compensation can be secured for drivers and passengers who have suffered personal injury claims through the negligence of other parties. If you have the misfortune of being involved in such a traumatic incident, it is imperative to note down the names and contact details of all those involved. This vital information will ensure any forthcoming car accident claim can be resolved speedily without any added complications.

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Personal Injury Claims: Get What You’re Owed

It is an unwelcome fact that if you drive a car, at some point you may well be involved in an accident. The incident itself may be beyond your control, not your fault and caused by any number of factors, including the negligence of another driver. However, if you have suffered because of the accident, it makes sense to consider seeking advice over whether you can make a successful injury claim against the driver who caused the incident.

Unfortunately, one of the great British traits is the desire to not make an issue out of something. There is an idea among many in the UK that kicking up a fuss is not an acceptable course of action and that we should show a little more of that stiff British upper lip and get on with things as we always have done.

The question is; why do we think that? Pursuing personal injury claims helps provide justice to the innocent party.  Why should a motorist who has caused injury and inconvenience to others get away with it because of our good nature? Is that not an incentive for the driver to think he or she can do the same again and nothing will happen? Why should an innocent victim of a car accident be forced to take time off work for hospital visits and to recuperate, and suffer the hardships associated with that, because of someone else’s negligent driving?

The fact of the matter is that you should not have to suffer loss of earnings or physical pain without any form of recompense from the parties that caused it. This is why insurance policies are vital to car owners, as it is their policies that cover them in the event of such accidents occurring and personal injury claims being made against them.

A personal injury claim is just that. It is a claim made by someone who has personally suffered misfortune and pain due to someone else’s mistake. A common form of this is car accident claims following a road traffic accident.  It is right and fair that the person who is culpable should ensure that those injured by their deeds receive adequate compensation. So, if you have cause to make a personal injury claim, don’t be afraid to get what is owed to you.

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How Do Car Accident Compensation Claims Work?

Have you ever been involved in a car accident and wondered how the accident compensation claim progresses from the moment of the accident until the time that you receive your compensation?

It is a fair question, as with over 200,000 people injured on the UK roads last year, according to the Department for Transport; this is a legitimate line of enquiry for the many innocent road users who have been adversely affected by the negligent driving of others.

Once you have been involved in an accident, a prerequisite of any successful claim is to gather your evidence. This can be in the form of photographs from the scene of the accident, damage to your vehicle and/or personal property that was in the vehicle. If you needed hospital treatment, then it is a good idea to document these injuries and gather the corroborating medical evidence. A written analysis of the accident as well as detailed records of any financial losses or expenses incurred as a direct result of the accident is also helpful for the specialist company processing your claim.

Once the car accident compensation claim is finalised, the insurers of the third party are notified of the claim. This means that the claim has now been submitted and is the first stage of the claims process complete.
The second stage is the settlement. This is a process of negotiation between the culpable person’s insurance company and the solicitor, who will speak on your behalf to the insurance company to ensure that the level of compensation offered is fair and just for your situation. Your solicitor will contact all parties involved in the incident to ensure that any compensation awarded to you is a fair and accurate reflection of the suffering and loss you have been caused.

When a settlement is agreed and the claimant is happy with the money offered for any personal injury claims, the next stage of the process is signing the ‘release’. This signals an end to the process and means that you will no longer proceed with any further legal action against the claimant. Suffice to say, signing the release is the last thing any claimant should do and should only be completed once they have received all the compensation owed to them.

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Car Accident Compensation: How To Claim What’s Yours

Car accidents can seem virtually inescapable. We hear news of such unfortunate incidents in the papers, on radio and television. However, few of us consider the implications of these incidents and particularly what they would mean for those involved. Many consider themselves to be excellent drivers and are therefore unperturbed by the prevalence of car accidents. Yet it takes only one driver’s negligence to transform this ever present threat into a reality. For any injury or damages sustained, motorists should make a prompt claim for car accident compensation to recoup any losses incurred.

In some cases, using your own car insurance can have a negative impact on both your premium and your no-claims bonus. Along with this if you were to suffer personal injury, damage to expensive personal items or face a prolonged recuperative spell out of work, you may be entitled to compensation. When making a claim such as this, a driver must have a comprehensive record of their estimated losses and how an injury has affected their ability to work or perform everyday tasks. Evidence is therefore crucial when making car accident claims and this includes any photographs or documentary evidence of the incident itself.

Once a claim has been submitted, the process of securing a compensation settlement can commence. This can be a convoluted procedure where negotiations begin with the other driver’s insurance company in order to settle on an agreed figure. Claim adjusters and medical professionals are key actors in this sequence of events, examining all the evidence to build up a picture of the accident and subsequent effects, and therefore, the amount of compensation.

Patience is a virtue in this context, but once a settlement is achieved you are able to sign a ‘release’, which confirms the compensation received and that you are happy with t he outcome of the personal injury claims arising from the index accident. Cases such as these are an unfortunate but necessary by-product of accidents caused by reckless driving. Indeed, a report by the World Health Organization on road safety stated that tens of millions of road users suffer injuries or are left disabled each year by such incidents. Without making a claim to eventually acquire monetary compensation, it may be difficult to move on with your life and swiftly return to the road.

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A Brief Guide To Personal Injury Claims

Most of us will be aware that we are entitled to make a claim for compensation in the unlikely event that we are injured and it wasn’t our fault. However, personal injury claims can seem complicated and many people simply decide not to claim their rightful compensation. Employing an expert claims company will certainly help you to obtain the compensation you deserve. This guide should help you decide if claiming is the right thing for you to do.

A personal injury claim can only be made if the accident, illness or psychological distress was the fault of another person, agency or company. For example, it could be due to the failure of your local council, too much stress at work, the poor driving of another motorist or an error made in a hospital.

You should inform the police, your insurance company and your doctor if you have suffered an accident for which you may want to claim compensation later. You should also make a formal complaint to the relevant agency or, if the accident occurred at work or in a public building, ensure it has been recorded in an accident book.  This will expedite the personal injury claims process.

You can use a claims assessor to claim your compensation or you can take it through the court yourself with the help of a solicitor. A claims company will usually not ask for payment and work on your behalf for free, so this is a safer route. This is because they recover their costs directly from the ‘at fault’ party.

The amount of compensation you receive is designed to put you back into the position you were in before your injury. General damages will cover pain and suffering while special damages can be given for any costs incurred.  If it was a road traffic accident that you were involved in then the cost of repairs to your vehicle as well has hiring a replacement while your car is off the road can also be included as part of the car accident compensation.

The main thing to bear in mind is that it is your legal right to claim compensation, and if you have been left out of pocket due to the negligence of another party, you should take advantage of the excellent legal system which exists in this country. Taking your case through the courts could mean that other people are spared the injury to which you have been subjected.

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How To Make A Claim for Car Accident Compensation

Unfortunately, winter conditions result in an increase in the number of road accidents. If you have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault and have suffered an injury, then you may be entitled to car accident compensation. A growing number of people are successfully making such claims and the secret of their success lies in a few important points.

The first thing to note is that, due to the complex nature of personal injury law, to make a claim you will need to contact a claims company who can instruct a solicitor for you. There are a number of ways in which a solicitor can help you to file your claim. They will be able to assess how likely it is that your claim will succeed and provide an estimate of how much compensation you may receive.

However, aside from this they will also be able to explain the legal procedures behind making a claim and offer advice on how you can go about making successful car accident claims. It is very useful following such a meeting to ask the claims company or solicitor to send a letter summarising your discussion. This should include a statement confirming that they are willing to take up your case, details of the person within the firm, who will be your point of contact, an estimate of the length of the process and arrangements for regular progress reports or meetings, any limits that you wish to place on the cost of the case and details of the solicitors fees and a date by which these will have to be paid.

Once you have reached an agreement on all these items, your claims company and solicitor will begin the process of making a claim. With their help making personal injury claims is quite a simple and stress free process. The first step they will take is to contact the defendant with the details of your case. The defendant will then take some time to investigate your claim, and this is usually a period of up to three months. In their reply they will either state that they wish to settle in or out of court.

Personal injuries can have a devastating effect on your life, but by following these steps and contacting a solicitor you can make a successful claim for compensation and hopefully get your life back on track.

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Personal Injury Claims: Do You Understand Your Rights?

Making personal injury claims is easier and more straightforward than ever and as a result, more and more people are getting what they are entitled to. Anyone who is injured in an accident, whether at work, in the street or even at home and it wasn’t their fault, has the right to seek compensation. These funds can help them to replace lost earnings or compensate for injuries or psychological damage.

Despite the ease of making these types of claims, it seems that people are still reluctant to do so. A recent report conducted by a claims helpline found that just six per cent of those questioned were fully aware of what their legal rights in relation to compensation were and 16 per cent found the whole process too daunting.

Unfortunately, some people have attached a stigma to making personal injury claims with close to 50 per cent saying they felt it meant they were ‘working the system’. Despite this, one third of respondents said they would make a claim to highlight the risk of an accident to other people rather than for financial gain.

Finally, 38 per cent of women said they were less likely to make a claim due to the legal costs, while 22 per cent of men would definitely make a claim if they needed to. Just four per cent of women understood their legal rights.

These figures certainly highlight the fact that the information and legal rights of people are not being fully understood. Despite television advertising by claims companies, it seems that many people still wrongly believe that they will be expected to contribute to the cost of making their claims to get the fair car accident compensation

This misunderstanding of the system is leading to a stigma being attached to claiming for personal injury, yet compensation is designed to simply put you back into the position you were in before the accident. It is not meant to be a difficult process, and experts are always there to help you.

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Handy Tips When Making Car Accident Claims

If you are one of over 220,000 British people reported by the Department for Transport as being involved in a road accident in 2009, then you will know that it can be a traumatic experience.

Fortunately, the vast majority of people involved in these accidents, around 90 per cent according to the latest statistics, only suffer slight injuries. Therefore, once the shock of the incident has started to subside and you and all others involved are safe, then there are some useful steps you can take in order to help process one of the many car accident claims that are being brought by the innocent victims in these situations.

The first thing you can do to assist your claim is at the scene of the accident. If you have a mobile phone with a camera attached, or you have a small digital camera with you, take some photographs of the evidence of the accident. Take pictures of the damage done to each car, the location of the accident and a shot to show what the road conditions were like at the time. While you are there, try and get the details of any witnesses who may have seen the incident and can corroborate the events.

Once you are home, make a full written description of the accident as it happened from your perspective. It is important that you do this as soon after the accident as possible as many incidents that are fresh in your mind will be easy to recall. Personal injury claims can sometimes fail if there are inconsistencies in the version of events.  The importance here is not that what you write is a literary masterpiece describing the incident, but that you get down the important facts as to what happened and in what order.

If you subsequently decide you need treatment from a medical professional, then also make note of this and ensure that you have documented any injuries you suffered along with the difficulties you encountered because of them. Were you able to work? If not, how long were you off work for? Were you able to drive after the incident? This kind of information is usually very helpful when successfully making car accident claims.

The better and more comprehensive the information you gather, the easier your claims company can process your claim for compensation.

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