Are You Entitled To A Personal Injury Claim?

If you’ve had an accident in the past three years and are over 18, you may be able to claim compensation.
Usually, if the accident you are involved in is not your fault you are entitled to claim compensation for the pain and suffering you had to endure due to the negligence of somebody else. This can also include special damages and uninsured losses; including loss of earnings if you are too injured to work, or damage to items that were present in your vehicle if you were involved in a car accident. If you are under 18 at the time of your accident, you are entitled to claim within three years from the date of your 18th birthday.
Firstly, it’s important to know what sorts of accidents you can claim for.
You can make personal injury claims for a broad range of injuries and they can be physical or psychological. For example, if you sustained whiplash from a car accident, broke your ankle slipping on a wet floor or have suffered medical negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.
Car accident claims are common after an injury has been sustained from a vehicle accident; however, other scenarios that lead to personal injury claims include, but are not limited to, accidents at work, slips, trips and falls through fault of insufficiently maintained pavements or other public facilities, sporting injuries and psychological illnesses caused by stressful environments.
Your first port of call in the event of experiencing an accident is your local GP or A&E. Not only is this vital to ensure your wellbeing, but also many unsuccessful claims are down to the individual not visiting a GP or hospital to document the extent of their injuries. Some injuries may also not be immediately apparent, so it is always best to make certain at the earliest opportunity.
Many personal injury claims now operate on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. If your case is assessed and you are not deemed eligible, you will not be expected to pay anything. Many claim companies now also offer a 100 per cent compensation guarantee which covers the solicitors’ fees, and settlements tend to be made outside of the courtroom – so you can feel at ease when filing the incident, even if you are claiming against large companies or organisations.

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