Motorists Prepared for Winter

Most drivers will be aware that driving in the winter is more hazardous than at any other time of the year. You could slip on icy roads, have mechanical trouble with your car or have an accident resulting in damage to your vehicle or even actual bodily injuries. Being properly prepared for the conditions you will face on your journey should be an integral part of your daily commuting routine and it seems that this message is finally starting to be heard by motorists around the country.

A recent survey conducted by GEM Motoring Assist found that 73 per cent of drivers now take action to prepare their car for poor weather. This might include keeping warm clothing or blankets in the car, having extra food and water and checking the car for its suitability for the road conditions. This compares with a similar survey which was carried out in 2008, which showed that close to three quarters of drivers failed to ensure they were prepared for icy conditions.

While this is great news for most drivers, unfortunately there are still a few out there who will always drive less carefully than they should. It is these motorists who force even the most careful and prepared drivers into making car accident claims. Being prepared for the cold weather will not stop someone driving into you on an icy road. If this was to happen you should be aware that it is within your rights to make a claim for car accident compensation.

Providing the accident you have had is through no fault of your own, you are protected by the law and can make a claim through one of the many agencies which are there to help you. One of the most common injuries which occur in car accidents is whiplash and this debilitating injury can lead to several weeks off work. It is important to claim any money which you may be owed to offset the money you may lose in the long term.

Making personal injury claims is easy and will give you peace of mind knowing that you are getting what you need to make a full recovery. Hopefully in years to come, drivers will become more sensible when they are driving on the UK’s icy roads, but in the meantime, you know that any damage or injury caused in an accident can be taken care of.

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