Personal Injury Claims Provide Compensation

Thankfully, statistics show that the number of injuries caused by car accidents in the UK has been steadily falling since 1970. The figures in the Reported Road Casualties Great Britain (RRCGB) document, published yearly by the Department for Transport (DfT), show a steady decrease in the number of people suffering either a slight or serious injury as a result of road traffic accidents.

This is welcome news but the fact remains that even the lowest reported figures of 2009 showed that 222,146 people suffered an injury from a car accident. Many of us drive daily, for much of our lives, and as such the odds of being injured at some point are relatively high.

If you do find yourself injured in a road traffic accident then you should seek adequate compensation. Personal injury claims are a way of minimising the financial damage that being injured in a car accident can do. As well as suffering pain and discomfort, you are likely to have time off of work to recover, and that can quickly become costly.
What you don’t need, on top of that, is expensive solicitors’ bills mounting up while you pursue compensation. No win, no fee personal injury claim specialists can help you to get 100 per cent of the compensation that you deserve. Should a claim be unsuccessful then you pay nothing.

The fall in road traffic accidents could be attributed to a number of factors. One such factor is that the safety technology used in cars is continuously advancing. Airbags and head injury protection are now commonplace in new vehicles, as well as advanced braking technology, traction control and side impact protection. 

As well as improved car safety, our roads now have more safety measures in place including speed bumps and speed cameras. The laws on road safety have also changed for the better. Gone are the days when rear passengers weren’t required to wear a seatbelt, while the new laws on child car seats means that children are better protected than ever.

Still, no matter how careful you are at adhering to road safety rules, there are times when accidents are unavoidable. If you are involved in accident that isn’t your fault, and suffer an injury then you are within your rights to seek compensation.

Car accident claims are usually fairly straightforward, and when you use a no win no fee claims company you have nothing to lose but much to gain by claiming.

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